About HIT6 CRM in Marketing For Sales Management Software

Hit6crm web based online software intelligent features and functions eases computing, quote management, easy correspondence handling, tracking business calls and follow-ups, shooting email campaigns to help earn customer loyalty, win more business deals and quick reporting tools, the brain child of HIC International Company located in India whose team has developed after long years of experience in customization of Customer Relationship Management, an online app for business to keep in track with fast pace as per customer needs without having much knowledge on software-programs, to manage business contacts, clients, contract wins and sales lead that all businesses need to improve relationship with customer.

You run either manufacturing industry or wholesale business or retailer catering any size of domestic or international market or even local market, HIT6 Software Manages your Business Lead and Sales RFQ superfast at ease that help you automate your Sales Team to perform their very best, overall best management of relationship with customer.

Accessible on smart phone and desktop both.