HIT6 CRM Software

HIT6 crm, Customer Relationship Management web based software eases company’s interactions with customers and automating sales team to track quote while staying online.

Software that eases Quote Management, Email Marketing for sending bulk email, Correspondence, Phone Calls Tracking, Documents storage, Business Leads, To Do Task and Status, Legal Case Management and so many host of features to keep your sales growing.


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Advantages of Hit6 Web based software at a glance:

  • Accounts and Contacts of Parties allows Customer’s Information Database Maintenance
  • Sales Quotation and Proforma Invoice for price quoting allows Quote Offer Management
  • Leads generated and To Do Task maximizes Business & Sales Process Automation
  • Calls Outbound and Inbound to track phone call helps in Follow-ups on Proposal
  • Meetings Scheduler helps in maintaining Appointment Record
  • Mailer and Greetings selection from email template eases Correspondence Management
  • Bulk email sending to specified group and date eases Marketing Campaign Task
  • Email sent by different users facilitates Emails consolidation at Dashboard
  • Products creation & modification facilitates Product Pricelist
  • Purchase Enquiry to Suppliers selecting email template allows easy Enquiry Management
  • Correspondence Email Templates that picks up party’s address, contact, phone, email Id automatically from software database handles Office Secretarial Job, thus eases correspondence tracking
  • Address Label Printing of Parties Account to whom sent Quote, Contact persons to whom quote forwarded
  • MIS Reports

And many more features on which HIT6 software programmers are working, and, shall be shortly announced. Thus, view business opportunities with predictive quote analytics, streamline correspondence operations and personalize customer service based on the customer’s known history and prior interactions with web based CRM developed by India located IT company, HIC International Co Inc.